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Word on the street is that Loco Jungles has started manufacturing garments. Not being the first clothing brand to produce these beautiful garments, but a being a brand that mixes style and comfort, for long lasting effects is a must. Each piece is designed with love, and produced with finesse. Using the best materials and manufacturing the garments at a high standard. This is the heart of the operation. Loco is not only committed to producing quality garments, but also the way it is made, and the carbon footprint that has trailed behind.

I am always trying to perfect my garments, if there are any issues with them please don't hesitate to let me know, I will personally help and fix anything required (unless it is general wear and tear, sorry I canne help there).

Flowers grow using day and night light periods and water to flourish. Keep watering yourself and your planties will grow.

I thank you all for the continued support and appreciation, it's been a pleasure already :)

If there are any further questions please contact me via email at

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